Vineyards in Mosconi Farmhouse, placed in the Municipality of Monforte d’Alba, property of about 4,80 hectares. Walking down from the St. Joseph’s church to Mosconi farmhouse a wonderful vine’s amphitheater appears: high quality nebbiolo for Barolo vineyards for about 1,2 hectares, 3,60 hectares of barbera, pinot noir and Langhe Nebbiolo. Mosconi farmhouse class-a vineyards belong to the Bussia Soprana’s wine heritage. Soil is composed by light grey limy Miocene marls, it’s a loam soil and strongly alkaline. Altitude is 400 meters, exposition south, south-west and south east, vineyards are very steep. Vineyards’ average age is about 60 years, production average about 50/60 quintals per hectares.

municipality Monforte d’Alba
location Mosconi
altimetry hilly area 400 meters upon the sea level
exposition south, south-west, south-east
soil type loam – clay and silt
grape variety Nebbiolo
surface 4,8 hectares
planting period from 1955 to 1975
vine breeding espalier
growth system Guyot
soil managing alternating rows grassing
sub-row management soil tillage
planting layout 2.40 * 0.90 meters
harvesting method and period manually in crates, end of september