Bussìa Soprana

The charming and relaxing winery’s atmosphere, the solemnity of Barolo.

Driven by a strong vocation towards the production of Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo, the Bussia Soprana farm estate was born in 1992 from a Silvano Casiraghi’s idea. Since the very beginning the company acquired the best lands placed in the location from which the farm name comes from. In 1995, with the entry of Guido Rossi, the estate has been merged with another one in Mosconi area and, in 1999, the same happened with the Gabutti della Bussia farmhouse.

Nowadays the property extends for 20 hectares in historical positions for the Barolo grapes production (in the municipalities of Monforte d’Alba and Castiglione Falletto). Among the most prestigious vineyards we actually own: Vigna Colonnello, Vigna Gabutti della Bussia, Mosconi and Bussia. Thirty years spent in the search for excellence.

What Our Clients Say

«Ma te see matt? » (“But you’re mad”, said in dialect), should have asked his father, that day. He, il Ross (the Red), came from the land. And he spent all his life to bring his family out of the fields. But his son Silvano had something different in his mind. He loved the land. Specially vineyard’s land. That one that makes him produce some of the best Italian barolos.

Silvano Casiraghi and Guido Rossi

Silvano Casiraghi and Guido Rossi